I am a fulltime marketer – all the time creative – part time photography enthusiast – nighttime graduate student – whenever there’s time blogger. Minneapolis is my home for now: a beautiful city full of wonderful food, people, events, music, art and inspiration. This city is where I got my first job out of college, where I was reunited with my now boyfriend and where we got our first addition: Nellie. It is quite a change of pace from the small town I grew up in, but for a young (er), 20-something lady, it is a wonderful place to see, do, eat, and live your butt off before being a grownup sets in full time.

In my creative/professional/marketing life, I am not exactly sure where or how I fit yet. Until then, this blog is a tool to help me voice my ideas and challenge my creative abilities: to help me seek out my strengths and develop my weaknesses until I find my place in this lovely, creative, world.



Whatcha thinkin'?

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