Craft Beer Mayde Good!

A few weeks back, Tony and I went to the First Annual Harvest Brew Fest put on by the Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine. Brewers from across the Twin Cities gathered on the lawns of the Swedish Art Institute to share their best brews. Guests could meander from tent to tent, sipping on the different crafts while munching on salty pretzels. The star of the show? About a dozen different breweries came with fresh-hopped beers straight from the tank; each bearing their own unique bite and complexity.

The day was absolutely gorgeous – sunny and about 70 degrees. I am certain that Minnesotans appreciate sunny and 70 in October much more than many other places which equated to an awesome energy throughout the festival. Everyone was sun-soaked and beer-buzzed.

Let me tell you, I love beer and I truly appreciate a good pint but there comes a time at a beer tasting, where all the flavors kind of blend together and it takes something really distinctive to grab your attention. Let me introduce, bitters AND beers. Ludacris, I know. Never in my life had I seen or heard of bitters being used for anything besides traditional and specialty craft cocktails. Easy & Oskey is a flavor company that makes authentic products from your kitchen and bar. They offer craft-made bitters in flavors such as habanero and cherry vanilla and even carry a make your own bitters kit. While sipping on a ginger beer enhanced with a few drops of habanero bitters, I chatted with the Easy & Oskey bitter guy and learned about the world of bitters. Oh, the possibilities! These different flavored bitters can add flavor to not only cocktails but also beer and even food!

Check out Easy & Oskey here. 


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