DIY Party Décor Mayde Good!

A few weeks back, my family celebrated my sister’s 30th birthday. Although it is a milestone of a birthday, she was very modest in her celebration requests. Her wish list consisted of a night relaxing on the lake for a quiet dinner at our parents. Because she is my favorite, and only J, sister, I wanted to make sure that her special day was exactly how she pictured it but also memorable.

My mom had already planned the dinner menu, again based on the birthday girl’s request, of grilled beef kabobs with jasmine rice and fresh tossed salad. Followed by her delicious homemade cake and to-die-for homemade frosting, I knew that I needed to find my own way to add a little love to the celebration.

I remembered coming across some DIY party décor Linen, Lace, & Love. I decided some DIY tassel garland paired with a few other homemade accents would be a nice touch to her party. Because some of the tissue paper I was using had a light wax coating, I had a little trouble following the exact instructions from Linen, Lace, & Love. As shown in my instructions below, I used a paperclip to help secure my twists.

#1 – Supplies: Tissue paper, scissors, and paperclip MG10_1

#2 Fold one sheet of tissue paper in half (fold on top) MG10_2

#3 Fold a second time (new fold on side) MG10_3

#4 Fold a third time (new fold on side) MG10_4

#5 Cut tissue paper from the bottom up leaving about 1.5 inches uncut at the top MG10_5

#6 Unfold tissue paper MG10_6

#7 Unfold and open lenghtwise with uncut tissue in the center MG10_7

#8 Bend one paperclip until straight and place at the bottom center of uncut tissue MG10_8

#9 Carefully roll the paperclip into the tissue MG10_9

#10 Gently fold the center, twisting together the tissue and paperclip MG10_10

Ta-da! MG10_11




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