The best of the worst


Today officially marks the last day of winter. No, the snow isn’t gone and my hats and mittens haven’t been packed away yet. I still can’t even walk to and from my car outside without the cold air slightly taking the breath out of my lungs but I am a champion. Minnesota, much like the rest of the country had a wicked winter but this year, I made a point to not let it get me down. It is tough to go through five plus months of cold and snow without getting into some sort of funk. But today we can say, we defeated it. We survived! And I can look back on the last five months and know that I didn’t waste it. Although it was a truly ruthless winter, there were many great things to come of it. I wanted to look back on some of the highlights so when spring turns to summer and then leads to fall, I can look at this list and remember that the Minnesota winter ahead might not be all that bad.

  1. Nellie – our sweet new puppy. Although we got her this past fall, I have enjoyed spending the winter with our new addition.
  2. Boots – boots and more boots.
  3. Christmas – I got to spend 10 days back home for the Christmas holiday. A much needed get away from work and school. Ten whole days of relaxing and enjoying family time. Truly something to look forward to next year.
  4. New Years Eve – friends, champagne, laughs, games, dancing, day off from work. Need I say more?
  5. Scarves – the best way to turn a totally blah outfit into ta-dah.
  6. The first snowfall – there is just something about it.
  7. Chap stick – tis the time of year where overbuying on lip product is absolutely acceptable.
  8. Being snowed in – you can’t stop it so just hang tight and enjoy it!
  9. Fireplace – when the weather outside is frightful.
  10. Memories – even when the weather is cold and miserable, it is important to still make memories. Make the best of even the worst.

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