love people.


Love people. Cook them tasty food.

Always! This is one of my favorite quotes and my forever inspiration to make good food. I came across this quote at Penzey’s Spices last summer. Tony and I were hopping around uptown Minneapolis – seeing the sites, drinking good beer and eating good food. We came across Penzey’s and I was in heaven. A lovely little shop with every spice, herb and seasoning you can imagine.

People may not always remember the things you said or did but people will always remember how you made them feel. And a good meal, with a little extra effort can be the difference between a good day and a bad day. I understand that not everyone enjoys cooking. Not only can it be intimidating, it also takes patience and practice to do it well. So if you are one of those people who doesn’t cook or like to cook, I challenge you. Think of the most wonderful thing you ever ate; Google it and make it. Even if it is out of your comfort zone and working with an ingredient or cooking method that you have never used before. Just find a recipe, buy the ingredients and follow step by step. You will be amazed by what you are capable of when you have the ingredients you need.  What’s the worst that could happen? Either you succeed and make a kickass dish or it doesn’t turn out like you had planned and you can say you tried (have a frozen pizza in the freezer just in case!).

A lot of great things can come from cooking besides a full stomach. Some people find it to be relaxing or therapeutic. It can also build relationships and become a bonding experience for those cooking with you. Cooking can also tap into your creative side challenging you to think beyond your normal tendencies and abilities. But most importantly, it can show someone that you care – so love people, and cook them tasty food.


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